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How to Adopt a Croque-livres?


Adopt a Croque-livres

There are three ways to adopt a Croque-livres

Commander le modèle prêt à assembler Télécharger les plans Créer votre propre modèle

Customize your Croque-livres

Assembling your CROQUE-LIVRES, decorating it and giving it a name is a wonderful chance to publicize it and make it part of your community. Invite people to help you, and use the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of this new neighbour.

Owner's Kit

Create an Online Profile

Give some visibility to your Croque-livres. Register it on the site right away. That way it can be seen by everybody who has books to donate and all the children who want to use it. You’ll also be eligible for various upcoming contests and activities for the Croque-livres community throughout Quebec.

Share your Kid’s Books

Take a book or leave a book — what could be simpler? Because a good book can be enjoyed more than once.